Marion, 5 ans, double album, CD et VCD

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$20.11 l'unité
Poids: 85 g

VCD: 1,  Fitia tena fitia,
  1. Vanona,
  2. Voninkazo,
  3. Anao satria,
  4. In Luv,
  5. Tsy mba mandao,
  6. Lazao fa tia,
  7. Ianao you,
  8. Lay tianao,
  9. Anilanao,
  10. Noho ianao,
  11. Fotoana mamy
  1. Miantso anao,
  2. Andao,
  3. In Luv,
  4. Anao satria,
  5. Fitia tena fitia,
  6. Vanona,
  7. Voninkazo,
  8. Lazao fa tia,
  9. Ianao you,
  10. Lay tianao,
  11. Anilanao,
  12. Noho ianao,
  13. Fotoana mamy
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