Sisca, Tsy voly higouma, VCD, Vol5

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About: Sisca, young star of Madagascar, she is called Francisca Razafy. She started to sing in 2007. Sisca plays the Salegy rhythm with the dances crossed shifted, kawitry and trotrobe (kind of dance in the Northern part of Madagascar). One known Sisca by the kind of song acapella and the use of the instrument traditional Malagasy like the kabosy, accordion. Album: DVD flight 5 Producer and collaborator: Nelson Rafandroana

Titre of the songs:

  1. Credits
  2. mbola tsara
  3. tsy voly higouma
  4. atero zaho 
  5. lelahy vraie marque
  6. anaro lelahy
  7. farahy madilatra
  8. Boeing
  9. au revoir
  10. magnova toetry
  11. doria
  12. mandalova mamangy


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