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Pearl and precious stones are the treasure of the various islands such as Madagascar and French Polynesia. They have earned their reputations and their place in the most prestigious windows of the world. The Tahitian pearl comes from a magical transformation orchestrated by Mother Nature while natural stones from Madagascar are from a unique stone sanctuary in the world, competing largely those of Brazil or other deposits

Symbol of grace and beauty that embodies the magic of the South Seas pearls have always fascinated men to the ancient times. Proof is the oldest jewel has survived a three strand necklace of pearls belonged to a Persian princess and date of year 3500 BC. If only the legend, a pearl is alive, human beings have always attributed the beneficial virtues, happiness for Hindus, wealth among Arab healing in China, and finally she brings love to the Egyptians.

Once natural, wild and rare, the pearl acquired its name "cultured pearl" when man learned how to force nature to cultivate pearls for our greatest happiness today.

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