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Au zoma, historical

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Zoma market is a public market in the city of Antananarivo, the Malagasy capital. It was so named because it is having a weekly market on Friday. King ANDRIANAMPOINIMERINA regulations and fixing the days and locations of the various markets Imerina. He called the market "Zoma" or Fiadanana in Antananarivo that of the day Friday. "Anjoma" was the day meeting of the entire population, it comes from the south or north, east or west. Pavilions were built on part of the lower town Analakely in order to accommodate the merchants. Other tables were decorated with white umbrellas installed on the Esplanade. 



      Originally, the Zoma was considered a thriving, adorned with quality products, handicrafts, jewelry, textiles, clothing, meat and fresh fruit and vegetables. Every Friday, the farmers selected their best harvest went very early in the morning for Analakely to have their products seamlessly. Some Malagasy traveled miles to come to shop in the weekly market and admire the graceful display of farm products. The Zoma was also seen as a place of celebrations and meetings in which the capital's inhabitants were accustomed to cross and converse on the social, economic and political development.

Currently, this place has become a large car park, hunting and hide and seek agents AUC with hawkers become everyday scenes. Since you can find all the objects and the most varied ... At the time of "Zoma" original baskets, hats and mats, basketry, leather goods and other souvenirs to tourists article, toys raffia, flowers, paper Antemoro, even gems and ornamental statuettes wood, pottery, wrought iron, fabric and clothing ... Be it buyers or walkers, they crowd the narrow alleys many but the animation remains discreet. Discussions and friendly haggling is practiced and more muffled echoes of "Zoma" does not evoke the noisy atmosphere of the Mediterranean and African markets.

In 2006, the Zoma Shop was created and discover the eyes of the world market zoma historic market zoma internet. Thus is the first online shop Madagascar. At first he sell handicrafts, clothing and food in Madagascar. Nowadays, there are many useful articles for daily life such as movies Madagascar, beauty products, cosmetics, health, music, Madagascar, jewelry, gift ideas, ...


    Today, the "Zoma" is a culture and heritage, and is included in the tours of the city of Antananarivo. Its rebirth at the original could consider the benefit of all? Zoma is the removal of one of the most important issues in relation to issues of definition of urbanity in recent years, being given the role played by the symbolic market. Why this suppression was it decided and to what end was it designed? Finally, the Internet is here to restore the suppression of zoma, it abolishes distance and gives you the opportunity to buy in stores located miles away from home, try products from another continent, to send gifts to a person living across the world, as well as order your evening meal without leaving your home.Zoma book shop in the world since 2006, Wallis and Futuna, Tokyo, Torento, Chicago, Béziers, Harstad in Norway, Timbuktu, Mali .... many cities where we are present through our customers and Malagasy products, as benefits and this is only the beginning!So why deny it?


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