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Movies Malagasy rise gradually and tend to professionalize despite some mediocre for some publishers. Ranging from comedy, comedy, action .... Made in Madagascar movies are selling like hotcakes. They have a very short life, once again two weeks and the stock is exhausted. Whole community loves the phenomenon Tana tends to spread everywhere, including Saint-Denis de La Réunion and Saint-Pierre. This will soon be the turn of European cities.

The film Madagascar is being born. Huge small production houses popping up everywhere in Madagascar and movie collection Made in Madagascar in VCD close the 400, all genres.

Quality begins to emerge about the filmmaking Madagascar. Market settles and publishers tend to disappear corrupt.Avoko Volatiana, Noely Francis Turbo Rasamoely .... Names to remember for their professional maturity become clearer.VCD and DVD available online and delivered to your home free of charge.

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