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How to order ?

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How to order?
Skip ORDER in your Zoma shop is simple ....

Look at all that are linear in "Menu" to the left of the screen, click a cabinet of your choice and choose your items by placing them in your shopping cart.
Browsing and first select the item of your choice by clicking on each "BUY".
Once your choice is made, or you click the "CHECKOUT" always at the top right of your screen, click on;
Control your cart before proceeding to checkout as the supermarket .......
For shipping method, there are several choices depending on the area where you live (France, Overseas, Zone A, Zone B, Zone C, Zone D, for example ... if you live in Canada, Simply select Zone C );
You choose your method of payment (credit card, check, bank transfer ...)
You fill in your details and proceed with the order, while informing necessarily your email address,
You control one last time and send your order and click on "Send Order"

Sincerely yours.

The team of Zoma Shop

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