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Form of artistic expression, unique to Madagascar and is still very popular, Hira Gasy literally means "Song of Madagascar."

More than just entertainment, this original tradition, mid-mid-stage opera occupies a special place in the cultural heritage of the Big Island, especially in Imerina where often at parties and family events (birth, marriage , turning ...) or official (national holidays ...), at least one company is invited to provide part of the animation. In general, a troupe composed of members of the same clan or clan or family in the same village, their number varying between 10 and 25. But Mpihira Gasy, yet for the most needy, do not benefit only their seals. These artists big heart, driven by a tremendous solidarity, also support many people (parents unfortunate, elderly ...) Perhaps we can find an explanation for the choice of themes. All turn most frequently about love and social life: work, conservation, solidarity, friendship. But the texts still contain a message, in the deepest sense. Ideas are presented and supported by Kabary, pronounced at the beginning of each performance by the Dean of the troupe. Spectacle alone, this speech is an opportunity to salute the ancestors to thank the public, display the theme and immediately seek to make a difference with its rivals.

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