Samonta, Malagasy serial, DVD

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New Malagasy serial diffused in the TV plus Madagascar.
In this film, one meets the former actors Malagasy, some Malagasy artists like Willy, Dadah de Fort Dolphin, Élodie. Samonta tells the story of Monsieur Ranjato who does not take load of their family. And its bad behavior causes misfortune, shame, hatred, embrouillement in the history

Author: Harivololona

 Director: tovomanana and Elysé Rafaralahy

Producer: Lemur production


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Salvador Lester
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08 December 2018 11:34
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27 August 2019 12:20
This movie is the most inspirational movie I have seen. This states that “Action speaks louder than words”. Site is very good where you can read best and lovely ideas The actions of the actors were never aligned to his words which lead them to misfortune and even grow hatred in them.

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16 December 2019 09:34

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