Desmodium Liver, Masoala Labo, 500ml bottle

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Among the only natural product effectively treating all diseases of the liver.

Desmodium Liver, Masoala Labo, 500ml bottle

Indications: helps treat viral hepatitis B and C, hepatitis against the toxic effects of currents and anticancer drugs, asthma and stomach ulcers, allergies, pre-alcoholic cirrhosis.
normalizes transaminase levels and that of gamma-GT.

Desmodium is an herb that offers a number of health benefits. It has a hepato-protective effect, especially its positive action on transaminases. It contains substances that help the liver to recover and eliminate toxins in the body. Desmodium also has an effect on the respiratory and digestive system.
Directions: The daily dosage is 20 ml in 2 doses for adults and 3 ml / 10 kg in children, a teaspoon in the morning and at noon for adults.
Treatment should be continued until symptoms and return to normal biological factors, that is to say 2 to 4 weeks in the acute phase and 6 to 8 weeks in chronic phase. Shake well before use, keep refrigerated after opening. Keep out of reach of children.

The summary function: liver irrigated by the blood from the intestinal blood supply, is first in line to support the different substances, from passing through the intestinal wall of digested food. These substances are often used in their original form by the body and a step of processing in the liver is often necessary so that they are integrated to the body.

The elimination function: the liver, much like the kidney, is likely to pick up in the blood of products derived from the metabolism (operation) of the organization and, often after being processed, removing the bile and then in intestines. This is the example of bilirubin.

These two main functions for understanding the vital liver function, since in its absence a quick death occurs both by insufficient production of proteins needed for life by default evacuation of toxins.

In France the causes of the most common liver diseases are essentially alcohol (she even says 70% of cirrhosis), other common causes are hepatitis C (1% general population), hepatitis B ( 0.7%), genetic diseases (hemochromatosis 0.4%).
Must be a special place to report the rapid emergence, almost explosive, overweight-related liver disease (30% of the general population) and obesity (10%). It is feared that in the coming years, these diseases are the most common liver diseases.
It is of course related to these common causes must be considered possibly related skin manifestations.

cutaneous manifestations of liver diseases:

PRURITUS: liver causes jaundice, whether a liver function deficiency (severe acute hepatitis or cirrhosis), a discharge defect of the bile (obstacle on the bile ducts, calculation or other), can be accompanied by itching, sometimes very severe, with no visible lesions on the skin, probably related to the presence of bile salts in the skin. This itching can occur before skin color and are easily reported to their liver caused by a blood test.
THE spider nevi: the presence in many of these vascular malformations sitting in the skin, and characterized by the presence of a bunch of small red vessels from a central area, is readily found in cases of cirrhosis. They obviously exist outside of any liver disease and have, in isolation, no specific character.
THE SKIN EVENTS VIRAL HEPATITIS: They may precede the signs associated with liver damage, there may be a rash related to the initial phase of acute hepatitis B (hives). In chronic hepatitis C can be a urticaria, Raynaud phenomenon (fading of the fingers, often painful, in connection with a blood supply defect at this level), itching in case of lichen planus ( violaceous papules on the skin, whitish lesions lace in the mouth) often associated with chronic hepatitis C. other symptoms exist, they are exceptional.
THE FAKE TANNING The HAEMOCHROMATOSIS: this genetic disease causing iron overload throughout the body, may be responsible for liver disease, cirrhosis up, depositing iron and melanin deposits cause skin a grayish brown color on exposed areas but also the genitals and scars. The old name of bronze diabetes is associated with this feature and the frequent association of diabetes.
PORPHYRIA LATE SKIN: This is a disease manifested by skin fragility, bubbles on the skin, leading to blistering of the skin, lesions predominate on the areas exposed to the sun. This disease is often associated with liver function disturbances, these disturbances may be related to excessive alcohol consumption, iron overload or viral hepatitis (hepatitis C).
IN GENERAL: many diseases that affect the body as a whole is obviously accompanied by signs at the skin and liver, these are rare diseases.

hepatic manifestations antiviral treatments:
Much of the problem is related to the use of Ribavirin in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C, a minimum it is dry skin, effectively combated by moisturizers, it is sometimes a itching that can be very annoying, other rare complications can occur.

hepatic manifestations of dermatological treatments:
In the treatment of acne, taking isotretinoin (better known under the name Accutane), as well as that of certain antibiotics, can cause liver inflammation discreet, mostly minor. It must be tracked and monitored (by regular blood tests) due to cases of genuine hepatitis, drug-related, and require discontinuation of treatment.
Similarly, oral terbinafine (Lamisil) for certain skin fungus or onychomycosis, must be accompanied by monitoring of liver function tests.

Despite the dramatic nature of this "jaundice" which exposes the skin, a clear sign of dysfunction of an invisible and mysterious organ, we can see that look in liver disease explaining to a skin problem will only rarely successful !

Yet the liver and skin have a common feature: the vast majority of serious disorders which affect them are related to risk factors related to lifestyle: the sun for the skin, food and alcohol for liver. It is the harmonious / parsimonious use of these pleasures ultimately be the best protector of our cells, liver or skin

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Bonjour. J'ai l 'hepatite c ,je me traite interferon, sofosbuvir et la ribavirine j'aimerai avoir plus de renseingnement. Merci
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