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Shingles is characterized by a rash which usually appear on the chest but it is possible to find on the face and body. Shingles is directly linked to the reactivation of the varicella virus. Only people who have suffered from this condition in childhood may be affected by shingles. shinglesZoster caused by Varicella zoster virus is directly linked to the reactivation of the varicella virus. After recovery from chickenpox, the virus does not disappear completely and settled in nodes at the root of the nerves. Years later, the virus can reactivate, multiply and move throughout the body along the fibers and cause the manifestations of shingles.

Before the rash of shingles symptoms are pain, tingling, burning, mild fever and gastrointestinal manifestations. Then appear rash. These small vesicles located in the path of a sensory nerve. After a few days the blisters dry up and form scabs that eventually fall off. This cycle can last between 2 and 4 weeks.

Local treatments are used to prevent bacterial infection of the vesicles. Use of Zonazen, is advised. From the first apllication, Zonazen alleviates pain associated with shingles and deep attack through time to the progressive disappearance of the disease. As the disease is installed in our body from birth and reappears 30 to 50 years later, the treatment did Zonazen take between 3-6 months and we recommend that you allow a minimum of 5 vials.

Rinse with antiseptic essential areas to be treated before applying Zonazen. 2 applications per day on the affected areas.

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