Amalona, dried eel, with bag 250g

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$7.10 each
Weight: 250 g


Product description

Dried eel, packed in a 250g bag mini.
Portion of dried and smoked eel, very meaty and this year's harvest.

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02 January 2015 19:33
Tsy nety ny fanaovana fumage fa nangidy Nony nahandroina im-polo kely vao nalemy sy afaka ny ngidiny Tandremo koa ny DLC @ny produits frais rehetra amidinareoEfa nasongadiko io taloha nefa toa tsy dia niova firy

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18 March 2015 05:37
Tena marina izany fa natsiro ihany e
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13 March 2018 10:57

Mamie Mckenzie
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23 March 2018 16:15
Eeel is really expensive just like some top dissertations reviews out there so I think this is a really good deal that you are offering. Thanks for sharing this with us mate.

Shafqat Ali
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23 May 2018 05:23
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