Aloès, Vahona honey Promes, 250ml bottle

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$21.29 each
Weight: 500 g


Tantely Milao-baho 250 ml honey - Juice Aloès divaricata
Produced by PROMES Toliara - Aloe divaricata extract honey flavored
Gastric ulcers, liver, kidney, leukemia, cancers, cysts, fibroids, internal bleeding, stress, arthritis, osteoarthritis
Metabolic regulator, immunostimulant, detoxifies the blood, cure and cleans the body (spleen, liver, kidney, stomach, intestine), many vitamins and minerals
Internal use, take 15 minutes before a meal, the vial should be completed in 10j, 10j rest and resume if the state of your body is still uncertain.
Adult: 1 tablespoon cuilère the morning and 1 tablespoon in the evening
child: 1 cuilère coffee in the morning and 1 teaspoon in the evening

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