Ampela misoma, Tense Mena, VCD, 1

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Product Description

  • Artist: Tense mena, Tinah'ti, Farah john's
  • Album: Ampela misoma, 
  • Rhythm: Rhythm mafana
  • Author - Composer: Tense mena, Tinah'ti, Farah john's
  • Form: vcd
  • Contents: 12 titles



Content of the album

  1. Baly mipoapoaka Tense mena, 
  2. Magnaraha zaha Tense mena, 
  3. Samy mahery Tense mena, 
  4. A fond vitesse Tense mena, 
  5. Fa karaha io Tense mena, 
  6. Mitambara ho vato Tense mena, 
  7. Ngoma, 
  8. Mifankatiava, 
  9. Tsy kivy, 
  10. Assurée, 
  11. Miovaova ny sary, 
  12. Tangena

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