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Health - Beauty

Madagascar, a land blessed by the Gods with its rich endemic flora, offers its aromatic and medicinal plants estimated 12,000 species. This is one of the richest flora and most diverse in the world. The Big Island is well known, is the home of "fanafody" and "tambavy", these natural remedies and herbal those with many virtues. Historically, the Malagasy heal with nature, having learned over the centuries to know the active ingredients present in numerous medicinal plants, often unique in the world, growing in the country. This facilitates the work of researchers who strive to improve the Malagasy traditional medicine. Among them, IMRA and Homéopharma are best known in Madagascar.
Certification Homéopharma
Pharmaceutical approved by the Ministry of Health Magagascar
Analytical laboratory and medical diagnostics approved by the Ministry of Health of Madagascar
Organic certification by ECOCERT INTERNATIONAL
Certification LABEL NATIORA by Rutgers University of the State of New Jersey
The plants are very carefully selected both plans botanical genus, species, variety on the physico-chemical.
Their healing power is directly related to the complexity of their organization after a long history.
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