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Actigener, emulsion massage, spray bottle, 50 ml

35( 1 )
19,50 € each
Weight: 90 g




Product Description

  • Actigener:emulsionmassagespray bottle50 mL
  • External uses,essential oilsand plant extracts

Relieves from its application circulatory and muscular pain (heavy legs, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, cramps, pain after effort, stiff neck, soles that heat etc ...)


  • external use
  • Pain circulatory immediate effect, heavy legs, cramps, hemorrhoids, etc ...
  • joint pain
  • Muscle pain: immediate effect
  • Crises sciatica: solves the crisis of origine local and relieves sciatic pain dorsal origin for 90 minutes
  • Relieves pain of gout
  • Torticollis, false moves, sporting pain


Water-oil-stearic-essential oils extracted from plant pl acid

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